About Us

Successful organization emphasizes on 3 things – People, Process, Product.

iTechss is a Bangladeshi software development and technology service provider that specializes in offering digital solutions in the financial sector, particularly in the capital market, money market, banking industry, non-banking financial sector, and insurance.

Our extensive knowledge of IT Strategic Consulting, Service Design, Software Development, Outsourcing, and Managed IT Services enables us to oversee projects from inception to completion and beyond.

We strongly believe that with a suitable culture in place If people are properly skilled, processes are appropriately optimized and streamlined and products are rightly aligned in accordance with stakeholders’ needs then sustainable growth of the organization is inevitable.

Understanding and utilizing these 3Ps, itechss (IT Solutions & Services) is confident to support the organizations to figure out the potential failures and the fixes to stay on track with the mission of delivering a world-class experience to stakeholders who come into contact with your brand.

Vision & Mission

VISION: To become the most admired digital solution provider in the fintech area.

MISSION: Most sought-after organization for digital solutions, experts, and process optimization.

Core Values






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