Technology Services

“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.” – Steve Jobs

In today’s world of e-business, outsourcing information technology requirements to IT consulting companies enables you to concentrate on your core business activities. You can also relax on major administrative and technological issues and lower your operational cost.

Considering the fact that Information Technology Solution & Services(iTechss) focuses on a 3S methodology that goes beyond IT. So, what is ‘3S’? This is how we refer to the three interconnected key aspects involved in ensuring your business has optimal IT capability. These aspects are:


Where is your business right now? Where is it going? What do you want it to achieve? How do you plan to get there? Over what timescale? What opportunities are there in your marketplace? Do you want to diversify into new markets? Your business is unique, and your specific IT capability must be aligned with the strategic direction you are following. No one should advise you on your use of IT without having a solid understanding of your strategy.


The only part of your IT capability which really adds direct value to your business is the software set. It is software that does the actual work – the infrastructure just enables the software to run. Does your current combined software set deliver against your business strategy? Is it providing a return on investment? Is it making you as efficient as possible? Is it allowing you to fully exploit your niche? We ensure that the combined software platforms in use in your business are aligned with the business strategy and that they deliver the expected results.


The minimum combination of infrastructure components (servers, PCs, mobile devices, cabling, internet links, printers, phone systems, etc.) is needed to allow that software set to operate with the required levels of performance, reliability, and resilience to meet your business objectives. Is your current infrastructure allowing your software to run at maximum efficiency? Is your data properly protected? Do you have a solid support framework to best manage your operational risk? Are you using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) options to minimize your capital investment and free up cash flow? Is your ongoing cost of ownership minimized? We’ll make sure this is the case.

We at iTechss offer a wide range of IT software consulting services and provide technology-driven advice and solution for the enhancement and development of your business. We provide custom-made business solutions that define your key strategies and help you achieve your business objectives. Our expertise in developing enterprise plans will help you manage your IT requirements and other critical initiatives effectively.

We have a talented and experienced team to assist you through all stages of the project lifecycle and guide you until the completion of the project. Our professionals undertake extensive discussions with clients/customers to provide quality IT solutions that are custom-made to suit the needs of your business.

Our IT solutions are far-sighted, innovative, and technology-driven providing reliable and successful IT solutions that not only help you make critical decisions on your IT requirements but also define a roadmap to achieve them, thereby ensuring that the key initiatives are delivered effectively.

IT Software Consulting Services

We have a talented and experienced team of business architects, system analysts, project managers, developers, and a QA team to assist you through all stages of the project lifecycle.

iTechss Software Professionals offers managed consulting services to organizations and businesses of all sizes. We can help you move your organization forward with very effective IT strategies. Our team is ready to handle your strategy or special projects with customized solutions for business needs. Our approach is to focus on your strategy and long-term goals, so we move the noise of random trends and provide the company with reliable and flexible technology to achieve sustained results.

We know devising and implementing a comprehensive IT strategy can be a daunting task, and we are happy to help you with our reliable IT consulting services.

Our experts deliver insights as per your business model. We work by blending industry best practices and expertise to help you secure the maximum benefits.

With us, you will have a better understanding of emerging technologies, apply an agile design, and use a strategy to adopt methodologies and tools.

Our IT consulting experts lend a helping hand to develop innovative solutions and strategies which will help in making the most of the investments in technology to gain a competitive edge.

Our Offer

Our IT Outsourcing services help clients to reduce costs and gain efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. Different clients have different requirements and we provide flexibility to choose the right outsourcing model that suits to client’s business needs.

IT Application Specification

Our IT consulting professionals will give you a comprehensive IT support for your business and offer various techniques which will help in identifying the requirements before you start with the new app or portal.

IT Support and Management

We will provide unambiguous recommendations to manage the infrastructure of the client. We offer IT strategy, Business Continuity Planning, Management and Operations of IT systems, and much more.

Technology Implementation Consulting

Technology implementation consulting helps to create a new idea for your business, and this is a big step in the digital arena. Companies look forward to discovering the best business technology solutions that can solve today’s challenges and transform their organization with a vision for the future. iTechss Software Professionals are providing specialists who demonstrates initiative and wants to work in a collaborative environment to help solve some of your most challenging issues.
Analyze where your business is facing a downturn to identify problem areas.
Plan for the next strategic move in the use of technology so that it does not negatively impact the business in any way.
Identify the range of IT that helps reduce business challenges and problems.
Ensures that your employees understand the need for the new technology and the reasons behind the shift from a system they may have held close to the heart.

Digital Transformation

Companies at the forefront of innovation are using technology to transform their business models, interacting with customers in new ways and gaining competitive advantage. Rapid response to technological advances, business opportunities in innovations, and the use of consumer analytics to guide new product companies can help drive a prosperous future.
Our technology implementation consulting team provides end-to-end technology consulting transformation support through our comprehensive consulting services to help you identify growth opportunities, gain insights, identify problem areas, transform insights into actionable modules and move them to the execution stage. We ensure you have a sustainable competitive advantage, build strong organizations and deliver lasting results.

Reason for choosing us

We make sure to work with your company and plan out a strategy that adheres to your and the company’s requirements. Our skilled experts make sure that the project is completed within the desired time frame. We take on a holistic approach to designing and executing strategies to optimize quality and cost.

• Quality and experienced software development consulting
• State-of-art solutions and use of innovative technologies
• Extensive knowledge in different domains
• Efficient and effective customer support

Cooperation Flow

Research and Audit

Businesses need to work their numbers to have a clear picture of the requirements and whether the benefits of the technology outweigh its cost. By clearly understanding the vision of the business, its budget, as well as the requirements they have, our team can come up with the best implementation plan for the entire project.

Action Plan Developing

“A change management strategy” what we call it, and it ensures there are lasting effects to the entire implementation of the new technology.

Technology Implementation

Having a clear vision of what aspects of the old system needs replacing goes a considerable way toward ensuring smooth implementation and transitioning. This kind of visioning requires an excellent understanding of the different processes that run the entire business or corporation.

Training and Maintenance

Training involves more than just getting the employees as well as the end users, if any, to get to know how to use the technology. Our team of experts ensures that your employees understand the need for the new technology and the reasons behind the shift

Application Services

From finance and commercial systems to customer engagement, productivity to data analytics, iTechss boasts a comprehensive and unrivaled combination of application services.

By understanding our customers’ challenges and aims, we’re able to create efficiencies, automate processes and build valuable insights. Our experts are just as comfortable integrating with 3rd party solutions as they are building end-to-end solutions. As technology continues to evolve, we aim to build low or no-code solutions that make enterprise-level functionality affordable.

Collaboration, mobility, and always-on access have become the norm and these key principles underpin our approach.